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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just joined Coupons.com Savings Club for free! (kinda)

Right now Coupons.com is having a promotion where you can sign up for its high-value coupon program for free. Make sure you use the promo code Birthday. You will need a credit card, but it won't be charged (I know cause I used one that's maxed out - hey, I coupon for a reason, all right?!)

But keep in mind that a year from now Coupons.com will attempt to charge that card $30 for another year's membership. I suspect this card will still be maxed out by the time that happens so it won't be a problem for me. :-0

I wished I had signed up for this earlier - there's a $2.50/1 Renu coupon available for the deal at Rite Aid this week that makes for a even better deal!

Quick observations:

1) The member coupons don't fall to the very end of the coupons on like page 15 after the first print, but just to the end of the member coupons, which is nice;

2) BUT the member coupons also track computer to computer, so you can only print them once per membership, regardless of how many computers you have. :-(

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