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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another trip to CVS and Rite Aid for moneymaker Kotex, free Hallmark cards and cheap Venus shaving supplies! UPDATED

Took advantage of three new deals today that came to light Sunday while I was out shopping. The first: Two coupons were printing from the CVS Magic Coupon Machine Sunday (the first of which is printing every day): $10/$30 Gillette shaving purchase, and a $2/1 Venus cartridge. I combined these coupons with a few P&G coupons to get some Venus and Olay products tres cheap!

Second: Turns out the Buy 3 Hallmark cards Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks deal works with the $0.99 cards! Now, it's not supposed to, so this could be fixed at any time. But in the meantime, why not exploit the error and get yourself some free cards!?

Third: There's a $1.00/1 U Kotex Adperk coupon this month that has no size restrictions listed. If you combine this with a $1.00/1 (or combine 2 with a $2.00/2) manufacturer coupon, you get some moneymaker pantiliners! This is even better if you're eligible for a Gold or Silver discount!

Also I picked up some cheap pistachios as a filler to absorb the overage from the pantiliners (Remember: Rite Aid can't give you money back, so you have to buy something else to absorb the difference), and I picked up some relatively cheap bottled water. Not exactly my stockup price (which is $2.50, in case you were wondering), but we were low and it was good enough.

So here's what I did!


Bought 1 Gillette Venus Pro Skin Moisture Rich Razor, 1 ct $13.49, regular price
Bought 1 Gillette Venus Pro Skin Moisture Rich Razor Cartridges, 4 ct $16.99, regular price
Bought 1 Olay Body Wash, 18 oz $7.49, regular price
Used 1 FREE Olay Bar, Body Wash or In-Shower Lotion, when you buy (1) Gillette Venus Refill from PG 6/3
And used 1 FREE Gillette Venus Razor up to $12.99, when you buy (1) Cartridge from PG 6/3
And used 1 $2.00/1 Venus Razor or Refill, excludes trial/travel sizes from PG 5/13
And used 1 $2.00/1 any Gillette Fusion or Venus Cartridge Refill CVS coupon from Magic Coupon Machine
And used 1 $10/$30 Gillette Shave Purchase CVS coupon from Magic Coupon Machine
Final Price: $3.49 ($1.16 each) for all 3 items

Bought 3 Hallmark Greeting Cards $0.99 each, regular price
Buy 3, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Used 1 B2G1 Free manufacturer coupon (Hallmark.com)
Paid $1.98, Received $3.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.02 MONEYMAKER

Okay, so apparently this coupon isn't actually a manufacturer coupon but can only be used in Hallmark stores. Also, I had a B3G1 Free CVS coupon that printed from the Magic Coupon Machine awhile back that would have not only given me another free card but would have taken off a whopping $2.50 from my total. Except I completely forgot about it. Le sigh. Let's just call this a learning experience and move on, shall we?

Bought 2 Nestle Pure Life Water 24 pk $3.39 each, regularly $4.69 each

$47.72  Shelf price
- 35.47  Coupons
-   2.60  Discounts
=$9.65  Out of pocket cost
-   3.00  Extra Bucks received
=$6.65  86.1% savings off shelf price

What I actually paid: $9.65 - $7.00 in previous Extra Bucks + $2.87 sales tax = $5.52 paid out of pocket. Walked away with $4.00 in new Extra Bucks (including $1.00 Green Tag reward).

Rite Aid:

Bought 2 U Kotex Pantiliners $1.19 each, regularly $1.49 each
With 20% Gold Discount
Used 1 $2.00/2 Internet printable coupon (no longer available to print)
or 2 $1.00/1 U by Kotex Liners, excludes trial size from SS 5/20
And used 2 $1.00/1 Adperk coupons (RiteAid.com)
Final Price: $1.62 MONEYMAKER (to be applied to rest of transaction)

*A quick note: The Adperk coupon has no size restrictions on it; however, it did beep and had to be entered manually. I would not be surprised if Rite Aid/Kotex eventually adds a size restriction to it for future prints. So if I were you, I'd print the coupon NOW.*

Bought 1 Wonderful Pistachios 8oz Bag $3.29, regularly $4.99
Used 1 $1.00/1 Internet Printable coupon (SmartSource.com)
Final Price: $2.29

$7.97  Shelf price
- 5.00  Coupons
- 2.30  Discounts
=0.67  91.6% savings off shelf price

What I actually paid: $0.67 - $0.67 from $5 gift card received as last month's Glad rebate = $0.00 paid out of pocket!

$55.69  Total Shelf Price
- 40.47  Total Coupons
-   4.90  Total Discounts
=10.32  Total Out of Pocket Cost
-   3.00  Total Rewards Received
=$7.32  86.7% savings off shelf price

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