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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Surprise Surprise! More coupon fraud on last night's Extreme Couponing!

TLC's Extreme Couponing is back, and so are the infamous free item coupons that all the couponers use on the show to achieve that coveted 100% savings rate. Of course, no one mentions how much they actually spent obtaining those free item coupons, though we can be sure that once that cost is factored in, their savings is far lower than 100%.

But putting all that aside, there's also the small issue that some of these free item coupons, of which these couponers use MANY copies, are fake! Oops. Jill Cataldo has once again uncovered use of more fake Quilted Northern coupons (these were also featured in the season finale, if I recall correctly), as well as a few other offending coupons. The highlight of this article is Kmart's (a sponsor of Extreme Couponing) response. At the bottom of the article are links to more of Cataldo's articles, in case you're interested in just how bad it's gotten on that show! It's getting re-dunk-u-lus, y'all!

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