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Monday, April 30, 2012

WARNING: Glitch (?) in this week's Rite Aid +Up rewards expiration date! - UPDATED

omg Rite Aid screwed up again whatta shock. This is my surprised voice.

UPDATE: Rite Aid posted this to Facebook on 4/30:

"We apologize for the +UP expiration date issue some of you have experienced. Due to a system problem, +UPs that printed on Sunday and Monday in our Weekly Ad (4/29-5/5) had an incorrect expiration date. These +UPs are valid through 5/19 and will scan correctly at the register."

New +Up Rewards are printing with an expiration date of 5/19.

So it turns out that all weekly +Up rewards printing so far this week at Rite Aid appear to have the valid dates of 4/27-5/5 (THIS Saturday!) instead of the expected 4/29-5/13. Le sigh. As Rite Aid customer service is not open on Sundays (because, you know, being open on the first day of a sales cycle would be just plain silly), it's assumed at this time to be a glitch.

I suggest emailing customer service with your receipt information (Store #, Register #, Transaction #, Cashier #, date and time) and threaten to return your purchases unless corporate sends you new copies of the rewards (the rewards they send by mail are awesome - they don't expire for like 2+ months!). Because this is frakin' unacceptable, Rite Aid. Seriously. WTF, mates?!

1 comment:

  1. Chic Fil-a isn't open Sunday either. Is this silly? The owner/founder respects the sabbath so chooses not to open. Not that I was looking to have a Christian preaching but just saying that there's reasons more than money for the practices of a business and maybe you should investigate more before commenting on the state of a companies hours. Way off topic from the post but just a glaring point in the article that kept me from going further