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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No coupon inserts this weekend!

Because of Easter and Passover and the Spaghetti Monster Awakening and whatnot, there's no coupons this weekend. So suspend your subscriptions for the week!

For the Washington Post:

1) Go to the Washington Post subscriber page. and log in. You may have to create a log-in if you haven't already. You'll need a copy of your bill.

2) Once logged in, click on Set a Vacation/Temporary Stop.

3) Choose 4/8/12 as the stop delivery date and 4/15/12 as the resume delivery date (assuming Sunday only delivery, of course).

4) IMPORTANT: If asked "Would you like to donate your newspaper credit to The Post's Newspaper in Education Program?" click no! That way you get an extra paper tacked to the end of your paid subscription period. Screw the kids; they don't read newspapers.

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