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Friday, April 27, 2012

Earn free crap by watching TV!

I swear this isn't an ad. I realized I hadn't posted anything in awhile, so I thought I'd school y'all about a new iPhone app called Viggle, which gives you points when you check into TV programs.

It works like this: You download the app, activate it when you begin watching a program, and it checks into the program (ideally - sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right). When the program is supposed to be over (so an hour later for a 60-minute show, so don't check into another show before then), you earn points. The amount of points seems to depend on how long the show is and whether it qualifies for bonus points (the bonus point shows are typically promoted within the app - awesome shows like Fringe, Fairly Legal, Supernatural and Grimm are among those currently featured!). You don't have to watch the shows when they air; DVR/Hulu viewing works so long as the episode's not too old. You can also earn points by watching short commercials within the app.

You cash in points for rewards. It took me about three weeks to earn 7,500 points, enough for a $5 Starbucks e-gift certificate. A free latte and croissant for watching TV? Don't mind if I do!

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