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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why I hate the TLC show Extreme Couponing, revisited

OMG, y'all! Some of the "contestants" or whatever they're called on TLC's Extreme Couponing used fraudulent coupons on the show! Even a teenage boy and a ministry student (who was not a teenage boy and therefore should have known better). WTF?!

BTW, I was totally feigning that shock.

ANYWHO, check out Jill Cataldo's report. She's the one who also thoroughly exposed Bethesda's own Jaime and her twisted method of couponing.

Let's exercise some common sense, people:

1) NEVER buy free item or Internet printable coupons. There's just too a high probability they're fakes or illegitimate copies. The free Tide coupons the ministry student used, for instance, were made to look like a legitimate free Tide coupon that comes with washing machine purchases. Plus they're just too damn expensive. You're not really saving any money! Jessica Hacker (one of the good ones from Extreme Couponing) explains all this on her blog.

2) NEVER take questionable/high value coupons from your stupid friends! Now, I'm merely speculating here, but during the season finale of Extreme Couponing: All Stars, the ministry student calls up a friend who has promised him some more free item coupons he can use for his shopping trip! The friend shows up dramatically at the last minute with these coupons, and the ministry student uses them without really inspecting them. So, giving him the benefit of the doubt, the future voice of some deity or another may have just been dumb enough to take and use fake coupons without realizing it.

3) If you are inclined to pay someone to clip coupons for you, use someone reputable and only buy coupons you know exist! I recommend Coupons by Dede as an excellent clipping service. For large quantities of a like coupon (10+), I'll resort to eBay, but I only enlist the service of clippers who have 99%+ positive feedback.

4) Use your frakin' head, and don't make legitimate couponing more difficult for me. Or I'll find you.




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