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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Whatta shopping trip!: Free paper at Staples, Free yogurt, paper towels, and milk at Target; and more moneymaker Revlon at CVS!

My fridge and freezer are so frakin' full right now. It's ridiculous. Two of the Eggo boxes in the picture are empty because I couldn't fit them inside the freezer so I had to take the bags out of the boxes to fit them in. Then after I found room for everything I took it back out to take the picture! See what I do for you guys? All five of you. I heart you all.


A deal idea started popping up online yesterday that produced some cheap Olay products at CVS! Had to give it a try. CVS has a promotion going on: Buy 1 Olay body wash on sale for $6.99, receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, limit 1 per card. There are two manufacturer coupons out there right now: One in this week's P&G insert that gives you 1 free Olay body wash if you buy a Olay facial cleanser, and one from the RP 2/12 insert that gives you $3.00 off 2 Olay facial products. 

So here is what I did:

Bought 2 Olay Body Washes $6.99 each, regularly $10.99 each
Bought 2 Olay Facial Washes $3.99 each, regularly $6.89 each
Buy 1 Olay Body Wash at $6.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Used 2 Buy 1 Facial Wash get 1 Body Wash Free coupon from PG 3/4 (each one deducts $6.99)
And used 1 $3.00/2 Olay Facial Products coupon from RP 2/12
Paid $4.98, Received $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $2.98 ($0.75 each) for all 4 products

Spending $0.75 for a beauty product might seem like a lot to an "extreme couponer" like yourself, but consider this: The Olay counts towards the Spend $50 Receive $15 P&G rebate for purchases from 2/15-4/28 (remember: The pre-coupon, post-sale purchase prices are used!), AND if you've signed up for the CVS Beauty Club the purchase will count toward earning your $5 Extra Buck! So THERE!

After this transaction completed, I noticed that a $3.00/1 Revlon cosmetic product coupon printed on my receipt (perhaps it would have printed from the magic coupon machine; the one at this store was not working at the moment). More free eye shadow, I thought! (As if I even wear eye shadow anymore. I barely wear makeup anymore. But they make great gifts for teenagers!)

Bought 1 Revlon Eye Shadow $5.79, regular price
Buy 1, Get $4.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 6
Used 1 $3.00/1 coupon from receipt
Paid $2.79, Received $4.00 Extra Bucks
Final price: $1.21 MONEYMAKER

$41.55  Shelf price
- 13.80  Discounts
- 19.98  Coupons
=  7.77  Out of pocket cost
-   6.00  Extra Bucks received
=  1.77  (95.7% savings off shelf price)

What I actually paid: $7.77 - $6.97 in previous Extra Bucks + $1.61 sales tax = $2.41 - $2.41 paid with previously earned Cash card = $0.00 paid out of pocket. Walked away with $6.00 in new Extra Bucks.


I decided to run in and get more moneymaker Colgate. Unfortunately due to the dearth of available register rewards deals this week I couldn't roll any with these transactions, so I had to pay the $2.25 for each toothpaste out of pocket. I have more coupons but probably won't bother getting any more since I have to pay out so much.

Bought 2 Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste, 4 oz $3.00 each, regularly $5.29 each
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Register Reward, Limit 1 per transaction (purchased each in separate transaction)
Used 2 $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste from SS 2/26
Paid $4.50, Received 2 $3.00 Register Rewards (one per transaction)
Final Price: $1.50 MONEYMAKER

$10.58  Shelf price
-   4.58  Discounts
-   1.50  Coupons
=  4.50  Out of pocket cost
-   6.00  Register Rewards received

What I actually paid: $4.50 + $0.36 sales tax = $4.86 paid out of pocket. Walked away with $6.00 in new Register Rewards.


Bought 2 Staples Copy Paper, ream $5.49 each, regular price
Submit for $5.49 Easy Rebate, Limit 2, Sunday and Monday only
Paid $10.98,  Submitted for $10.98 rebate
Final Price: 2 Free

I paid the full $10.98 + $0.66 sales tax = $11.64 out of pocket, since if you use Staples Rewards to purchase other Staples deals that involve a rebate or a reward coming back, the amount of the reward you use is actually deducted from your new reward. Lame, I know.


Grabbed a few more freebies at Target. Since I was having so much trouble using the $1.00/1 Target up & up cleaning item coupon on the up & up sponges, I decided to try the 99 cent towels instead; the coupons still beeped, but the cashier pushed them through. Yay! Also the Eggo/milk deal I posted Saturday worked perfectly! No catalina for free milk printed for me, which is being reported at some grocery stores with Eggo purchases. But those 2 Milk Mustache Campaign Facebook coupons I printed got me two free gallons of milk! I'm finally gonna grow up to look like that chick in the prom dress!

Bought 6 Kellogg’s Eggo Homestyle Waffles, 10 ct. $2.00 each, regularly $2.69 each
And bought 2 gallons of milk $3.49 each, regular price
Buy 5 selected Eggo products, receive $5.00 gift card
Used 2 $1.00/3 – Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Products, 5.3 oz or larger, any flavor – (coupons.com)
And used 2 Free Gallon of Milk up to $4.00 WYB 3 Breakfast items Facebook printable coupons (no longer available)
Paid $10.00, Received a $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $5.00 ($0.83 each) for 6, plus two free gallons of milk!

Bought 3 up & up paper towels 1 pk $0.99 each, regular price
Used 3 $1.00/1 Target printable coupons (target.com)
Final Price: 3 Free (received $0.03 overage)

Bought 1 up & up bleach $1.64, regular price
Used 1 $1.00/1 Target printable coupon (target.com)
Final Price: $0.64

Bought 4 Dannon Activia 4 packs $2.00 each, regularly $2.19 each
Used 4 $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons from SS 2/12
And used 2 $2.00/2 Target printable coupons (target.com)
Final Price: 4 Free

Bought 2 up & up Mint Refreshing Wax Floss, 54.7-yd. $0.92 each, regular price
Used 2 $1.00/1 Target printable coupon (target.com)
Final Price: 2 Free (coupons round down)

Bought 1 Arm & Hammer Power Paks Laundry Detergent $4.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for Try One Free rebate! (up to $9.99)
Paid $4.99, Will submit for $4.99 rebate
Final Price: Free

$43.32  Shelf price
-   4.90  Discounts
- 22.82  Coupons
=15.60  Out of pocket cost
-   5.00  Target gift card received
-   4.99  Rebate to be received
=$5.61  (87% savings off shelf price)

What I actually paid: $15.60 - $5.00 Target gift card from Transaction 1 (did Eggos/milk first) + $0.34 sales tax = $10.94 paid out of pocket. No 5% Red Card discount because I used a gift card that was actually gifted to me. Whatta novel concept, I know.

$106.43  Total Shelf Price
-   23.28  Total Discounts
-   44.30  Total Coupons
=  38.85  Total Out of Pocket Cost
-   32.97  Total Rewards/Rebates Received/to be Received
=  $5.88  (94.5% savings off total shelf price)

Of course this doesn't count the fancy maple syrup I gotta buy to eat with all these damn waffles!

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