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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shopping in da ghetto (kinda): Yet another Rite Aid trip. Also a moneymaker preview for Soft Lips!

So Friday I had a meeting for work in a slightly less than desirable area of Baltimore, so I stopped at a Rite Aid there. And sure enough, they had the items I sought! Unfortunately stores in economically depressed areas are not all that heavily couponed, even though the people who live near them would benefit from couponing the most. Oh well, more stuff for me! (Though everything in this photo is going to be either donated or gifted, so I guess it all evens out. :-p)

Bought 4 Colgate Total Advanced 5.8 oz Toothpaste, $4.49 each, regular price
*Used raincheck from last week, which made all 4 free*
 Used 4 $0.75/1 manufacturer coupons from SS 2/12 (expire Saturday 3/3!)
Final Price: $3.00 MONEYMAKER

The downside to shopping at stores in "ghetto" areas is that they're not always as comfortable taking coupons since they're not as familiar with them. The shift supervisor had to call her boss to make sure it was okay to take my coupons on items that were already made free by the raincheck. Fortunately he told her to take them. *WHEW*

Bought 2 Nature Made CoQ10 30 MG 30 count $13.49 each, regular price
Used 1 $3.00/2 manufacturer coupon from SS 2/26
And used 2 $5.00/1 Video Value coupons
Final Price: $0.49 ($0.25 each) for 2

Bought 4 Soft Lips Beeswax Lip Conditioner $1.99 each, regular price
Received 20% Gold Card discount, bringing price down to $1.59 each
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Rewards, Limit 4
Paid $6.36, Received 2 $3.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.36 ($0.09 each) for 4

*Would be $0.49 each without Gold discount*

 $52.90  Shelf price
-  33.05  Discounts
-  16.00  Coupons
=   3.85  Out of pocket cost
-    6.00  +Up Rewards Received
=   2.15  MONEYMAKER

What I actually paid: $3.85 - $3.00 +Up Reward from previous trip = $0.85 (no sales tax). Walked away with $6.00 +Up Rewards.

Since this shopping trip, I've learned that there will likely be a $3.00 in-ad coupon in Sunday's insert for all Soft Lips products. This could conceivably be used on the $1.99 Soft Lips, and can be combined with the $3 Up Rewards deal through Tuesday, when it ends. So if you haven't done this deal just yet, I envision this scenerio for you (if you can find enough product at one store!):

Buy 8 Soft Lips Beeswax Lip Conditioner $1.99 each, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Rewards, Limit 4
Use 5 $3.00/1 in-ad coupons (in my experience most stores will let you use multiple in-ad coupons)
Pay $0.92, Receive 4 $3.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $11.08 MONEYMAKER

Of course that scenario assumes that you don't get a Gold or Silver discount.

That said, I find the $1.99 Soft Lips Beewax lip conditioners are hard to find. The $3.99 ones (dual packs) are far more abundant. So while I hope to find two more to pick up on my card starting Sunday (as I've already done the deal 3 times and only have 1 more to go), assuming I can't find enough of the Beeswax at one store I'm planning to substitute this deal on the fiance's card (which has no discount. YET.):

Buy 2 Soft Lips dual packs, $3.99 each, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 +Up Rewards, Limit 4
Use 2 $3.00/1 in-ad coupons
Pay $1.98, Receive $3.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $1.02 MONEYMAKER

Not quite as good, but still a moneymaker!

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