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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to get Wellness canned food for (relatively) cheap!

 Okay, not exactly cheap, but cheapER than you would normally find it. We recently upgraded the kitties to this food because Willow was having some allergy issues.

"I'm high maintenance. Also I like to sleep on shoes." - Willow

But it's SO frakin' expensive: It can be like $1.30 a can depending on which store you're at! (*cough cough*Petco*cough*)

Bark, a local pet store chain with locations in Olney, Rockville and Gaithersburg, sells Wellness for 99 cents a can - cheaper than Petsmart or Petco - and if you buy a case of 24, you get a 10% discount! Also, there was a tearpad next to the food with a form good for a coupon for 5 free cans when you buy 5 cans of Wellness. You have to submit for the coupon like you would for a rebate, after your initial purchase.

So the transaction worked out like this:

Bought 24 cans (1 case) of Wellness 3oz canned cat food $23.76
Received 10% case discount of $2.38
Paid $21.38 + $1.28 sales tax = $22.66
Will submit for 5 free cans coupon
Once received, pay $0.00 + $0.30 sales tax for 5 free cans
Total Price: $22.96 ($0.79 each) for 29 cans, including sales tax

Can't even get it that cheap online!

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