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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Print these coupons now for current and future sales!

1)  Walgreens will have Synergy Wet Gel on sale for free after Register Rewards starting Sunday. This coupon makes it a $1 moneymaker!

2) You may want to try to use this coupon to purchase a One Touch Delica Meter at Walgreens this month. That coupon would cover the full cost of the product. There also is reportedly a $10 Walgreens coupon for it in the February in-store coupon booklet. If you spend another $10 on additional stuff, you could apply that store coupon to the rest of your purchase (assuming your Walgreens has the older register system - you'd need to have the manufacturer coupon scanned first to make this work). Now, I have serious doubts about whether any Walgreens around me will take that coupon because of its high value ("up to $19.99"); an alternative is to print this $10 coupon, which would simply make the meter free after using both manufacturer and store coupons. The second manufacturer coupon is for any One Touch meter.

3) Ester-C Gummies are BOGO Free next week at Walgreens. The $2.00 coupon on Coupons.com will make them cheap (Walgreens does allow you to use two of them on their BOGO sales).

4) Consider printing your $1.00 Blink coupon from Coupons.com if you haven't already; I predict that the last week of the month, Rite Aid may have this on sale (there's a single check rebate that is active that week - even without a sale you'd get it cheap or, if you're a Gold/Silver member, perhaps even free).

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