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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Target Trip 1/7/12

God I hate Target. First of all, their cashiers and managers are often SO coupon unfriendly. I get into more fights about store coupon policy at Target than anywhere else (of course this is probably because I don't shop at Walmart). Now, the Targets around here are better than some; for instance, they tend to allow you to use more than one like store coupon per transaction, which a lot of Targets won't do. So that's something, I suppose. But their machines never recognize half their coupons. SO frustrating. So I only go there like maybe once a month.

Also, being in Target is like being in a casino. You don't know how long you've been in there and you leave in a daze.

Now on to my purchase:

Bought 4 Up and Up Sponge 2-packs, $0.99 each, regular price
Used 4 $1.00/1 Any Up and Up Cleaning Item Target coupon
Final Price: $0.04 overage

 *Since the computer didn't recognize the coupons, the cashier accepted them without rounding them down.*

Bought 4 packs Market Place Macaroni and Cheese, $0.74 each, regular price
Used 4 $1.00/1 Any Market Place Macaroni and Cheese, excluding single serve size Target coupon (this has 2 servings in it)
Final Price: 4 Free

*This time the computer not only recognized the coupons but also rounded them down to exactly cover the cost of the items! I was impressed.*

Bought 4 Aquafresh Extreme Clean trial size toothpastes, $1.07 each, regular price
Used 4 $1.00/1 Printable Coupons - no size restrictions (aquafresh.com)
Final Price: $0.28 ($0.07 each) for 4

Bought 5 Blanket wrapping boxes, $0.20 each, regularly $1.00 each (Holiday clearance)
Final Price: $1.00 ($0.20 each) for 5

Bought 1 Rubbermaid Value Pack Container set, $5.38, regularly $17.99 (clearance - seems a bit high, but that's what it said on the price label)
Final Price: $5.38

Bought 1 Up and Up Loperamide $3.19, regular price (DON'T. ASK.)
Used $1.00/1 Any Up Item over $3.00 Target coupon
Final Price: $2.19

Bought 4 Lipton Green/Pyramid Teas, $2.19 each, regular price
Used 4 $1.00/1 printable coupons (no longer available)
And used 2 $1.00/2 Target Coupons
Final Price: $2.76 ($0.69 each) for 4

Bought 1 rug for my office, $4.99, regular price
Final Price: $4.99

Bought 1 pair of ski gloves (not pictured - for the fiance's birthday Saturday!), $13.98, regularly $19.99 (Winter clearance)

$71.22 Shelf price
-21.82  Discounts
-17.96  Coupons
-  1.57  REDcard 5% Savings debit card
=29.87 (58% savings)
+  1.70 Sales tax
=31.57 Paid out of pocket

This is a decent haul, except that as usual I spent WAY too much time wandering the casino, looking for loot.

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