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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Moneymaker on Shampoo at CVS!

Some CVSes have certain types of Head & Shoulders and Pantene Pro V on clearance!

At the CVS I went to, the 14.2 oz Head & Shoulders Extra Volume shampoo rang up at $1.57 each, original retail $6.29 (note that while they were marked on the shelf as being on clearance, the price quoted there was higher than this new, lower price. So scan one at the Magic Coupon Machine to confirm the price!)

There's an unadvertised promotion going on for Head & Shoulders at CVS: Buy 1, Receive $2 Extra Bucks. The limit is 6 per card, BUT you can only buy up to 3 in one transaction to maximize the rewards output, as the max reward to print out per transaction is $6 (trust me, I learned this the hard way: had to do the awkward return/rebuy. HATE that!). I assume that this promotion ends today, the last day of the sales week, though I haven't confirmed that. UPDATE: I've read that it is actually ending 1/28 (apparently it is being advertised in some stores).

A $1/2 coupon for Head & Shoulders ran in the 12/11 Red Plum coupon insert. Also it's been reported that a $2/2 coupon will run in Sunday's P&G insert (which the Washington Post delivers to subscribers on Saturday; it's also available in the Sunday Early Edition on sale Saturday) - CONFIRMED. In addition, if you have ever purchased a P&G product, such as Align, that has coupons enclosed, you may have some $1/1 manufacturer coupons for Head & Shoulders!

$ 9.42 So I bought 6 Head & Shoulders, $1.57 x 6
- 4.00 I used 2 $1/2 coupons and 2 $1/1 coupons (3 transactions with 2 each!)
$ 5.42 I paid this out of pocket
+12.00 I received this back in Extra Bucks
=$6.58 Moneymaker

As for the Pantene Pro V, the 25.4 oz Dry to Moisturized Shampoo rang up at $1.84 each (original retail $7.39). Last month's P&G insert (coupons expire today!) had a $3/2 coupon for Pantene products. It is rumored that we'll get the same coupon again in the Sunday P&G coupon. - CONFIRMED

$7.36 So I bought 4 Pantenes, $1.84 x 4
-6.00 I used 2 $3/2 coupons (all I had)
=$1.36 I paid this out of pocket ($0.34 each)

I may or may not use the January P&G coupons to do this deal again; I believe there is going to be a better CVS deal coming up this week. Will know more about that later today (as in when the sun comes up!).

Keep in mind prices may vary store to store, even within Montgomery County, so scan scan SCAN DAMMIT!!!

Thanks to the folks over at the Krazy Coupon Lady site for sharing this idea!

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