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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coupon Dede's 50% off sale on clipped coupons!

Coupon Dede's is my favorite coupon clipping site. They receive inserts from all over the country, so they often have favorable alternatives to the coupons we receive in the DC Metro area, such as $0.55/1 coupons, which will typically double at the grocery stores, as opposed to the $1.00/2 coupons we often see here. They have very fast shipping (I usually get my coupons two business days after I order them), and they have a nice little rewards program that will let you take a buck off your order for every 400 points you earn by buying coupons.

Now until December 31, they are offering 50% off your entire order with the code DEC50. Keep in mind you do have to purchase $5.00 in coupons after all discounts and pay about a buck for shipping. They take Paypal, which is awesome.

I used this opportunity to stock up on some coupons that don't expire for a couple of months:

Items Ordered: Price: Status:
6 of : Advil (40ct or larger)~$1.00/1~2-11-12 $0.72
6 of : Advil PM (16 ct or larger)~$1.00/1~2-11-12 $0.60
6 of : Bayer Advanced Aspirin~$2.00/1~3-31-12 $1.20
6 of : Blue Diamond Almonds (6 oz. cans)~$0.60/2~2-29-12 $0.42
6 of : Celestial Seasonings tea bags (not valid on K-cups)~$1.00/1~3-4-12 $0.72
4 of : Chloraseptic~$1.00/1~3-31-12 $0.48
1 of : Domino or C&H Sugar (2 lbs. or larger)~$0.50/1~1-31-12 $0.08
4 of : Dulcolax ~$1.00/1~2-29-12 $0.40
4 of : Duract~$1.00/1~3-31-12 $0.40
6 of : Fancy Feast Appetizers For Cats (2.0 oz. trays)~$1.00/3~3-4-12 $0.72
4 of : Friskies or Whisker Lickin's Cat Treats ~$1.50/2~3-4-12 $0.60 (These should be free at Harris Teeter next week!)
4 of : Kleenex Hand Towels (Not valid on Trial Size)~$0.75/1~1-29-12 $0.40
4 of : Luden's (25ct or 30ct bags)~$1.00/2~3-31-12 $0.48
1 of : New York Frozen products~$0.40/1~1-15-12 $0.08
4 of : Similasan -DND~$2.00/1~2-29-12 $0.80
2 of : Solo cup, plate or bowl~$0.75/1~2-29-12 $0.24
4 of : Sucrets~$1.00/1~3-1-12 $0.48
4 of : Welch's Essentials Juice Cocktail Blend (64 oz.)~$1.00/1~2-6-12 $0.60
4 of : Zicam~$2.00/1~3-31-12 $0.80

Here's hoping for some good sales!

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